New face to face classes start on Wednesday 19th May 2021 at Formby Pool, Elbow Lane. To book in please contact reception at Formby Pool on 01704 879366

Clinical Pilates – Easy Pilates –    08.35 – 09.30

Pilates                                              09.40 – 10.35

ChiBall                                             10.45 – 11.40    

Classes on Zoom will continue during 2021 :- details on how to join are below..


Pilates with Sandie ON ZOOM  - 

Meetings open 15 minutes before class starts – please note that once the meeting starts it is then closed.

Tuesday –   Classical Pilates                    9.15 – 10.00.   Classical pilates  The class follows the intermediate classical mat repertoire along with pre pilates options. 

Friday –      Clinical Pilates                      9.15 – 10.00    Clinical pilates is more of a workshop class -suitable for those who have specific medical conditions. 

                    ChiBall                                  10.15.- 11.15     ChiBall is a SEASONAL class combining Qi Gong, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Release and Meditation. 

ChiBall follows the 5 Seasonal Elements of Wood - Spring
Fire - Summer
Earth - Late Summer
Metal - Autumn
Water - Winter


SUBSCRIPTIONS – payable on the 1st of each month to:-

Sandra Keane – Santander – Sort Code: 09-01-29  Account: 00079695

Bronze:       Drop in Class/Pay As You Go - Available to anyone wishing to drop into the live session £8 per class

Silver:         One chosen class per week for one month £24.        (£6 per class)

Gold:           Two chosen classes per week for one month. £40   (£5 per class)

Platinum :  Three classes per week for one month £50.              (£4.16 per class)

The recordings of your chosen monthly classes can only be sent to those paying a monthly subscription. These recordings are available for you to access for one week and are not available for download. 

(Recordings are not available to drop in classes or workshops)

ChiBall Class 2019


 If you need to get in touch please email me: