For one to one pilates please contact me on

A one-to-one is advisable if you are thinking of joining a group class as it will give you an understanding of the method and an introduction to the pilates language. Pilates is suitable for ‘every body’ but if you are living with any medical condition or have had surgery within 3 months or just want to start a pilates programme then it is advisable to have a one-to-one to assess if a group class is suitable. Please contact me direct for details. My initial advice is to book for a minimum of 3 sessions to get the best possible feel of how pilates can make a difference to your life.

Community classes are help at DW Sports & Fitness Centre at Ocean Plaza. You need to be a member of DW in order to take part in those classes- details below.. DW Contact number 01704-512444     Click to view map

Pilates with Sandie at DW-Southport

  Monday Pilates (contemporary)  6-7pm
  Tuesday Pilates(classical pilates) 9.15-10.15am
  Friday (clinical/modern pilates ) 10.30 – 11.30

Pilates  follows the contemporary pilates style which is led at a deliberate pace. It is advisable that you have done some beginners classes before attending the monday evening. This class is not suitable for those with injuries.

classical pilates  The class follows the intermediate classical mat repertoire along with pre pilates options. 

clinical pilates is more of a workshop class -suitable for those who have specific medical conditions such as Osteoporosis – MS – Sports Injuries – Pre & Post surgery – All exercises are kept at beginners level so it is a great class if you are wishing to start from scratch.

ChiBall with Sandie at DW Southport -

chiball is a fusion class combining Qi Gong, Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Release and Meditation. 
It follows the 5 Elements of Wood-Fire-Earth-Metal & Water therefore the programme changes with each season.
  Tuesday 10.15-11.15am